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“Live significantly!” That’s the inspiring message of Sharon Norris Elliott, award-winning author, speaker, publishing expert/visionista, and astute Bible teacher, whose delightful teaching ministry always inspires her audiences to think Biblically, speak intelligently, work passionately, act responsibly, love unconditionally, and live significantly. Her aim – and her encouragement to everyone who will listen – is to live a life that matters.

Here is a list of some of her books to add to your collection of inspiring people to live lives that make a difference. Sharon’s aim is to always see others mature in their walk with the Lord.


366 Glimpses of God: 
Getting to Know the God Who Knows You
Join the movement and get to know God better this year! By learning more about God through each devotional reading in 366 Glimpses of God, your imagination will be captured by the fascination you’ll experience upon gaining familiarly with our eternal, all-encompassing, omniscient Heavenly Father. By glimpsing a tiny bit of His glory every day, you will discover something amazing about God every day, increase your understanding of Scripture in general, enjoy engaging contemporary stories that point out God’s attributes, be encouraged in your walk with God, be challenged to make necessary, positive changes, and develop a new love for the Bible.              List price: $17.99


Trouble copy 2

Why I Get Into Trouble Price $11.99

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Why I Get Into Trouble helps your children answer the age-old question, “Oh what makes me do things that I know I should not?” Written for children ages 4 – 8, this discerning look at Adam and Eve’s original mistake gives readers an unmistakeable look at the underlying motivation behind every sinister drive, senseless desire, and spurious determination, i.e., here’s what’s championing every wrong choice. The insightful story/lesson by author Sharon Norris Elliott is coupled with the beautiful artwork of amazing illustrator Jeannie Mooney.

boomerangs-to-arrowsBoomerangs to Arrows: A Godly Guide for Launching Young Adult Children

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In the face of high unemployment rates, rising costs of living, economic recession, and the present generation’s general malaise, many parents feel obligated to offer prolonged housing and financial assistance to young adult offspring. But as time passes, how can these boomerang children be transformed into arrows loosed from the parental quiver?
Based upon an in–depth study of Psalm 127, Boomerangs to Arrows empowers parents to prepare themselves and their adult children for the time when those kids must be launched into independent, grown-up lives.


Chapters include wisdom for:
•Quivered Arrows
•Sanded Arrows
•Broken Arrows
•Bent Arrows
•Coated Arrows
•Flying Arrows

Also includes “Step Bows and Step Arrows,” a chapter for those co-parenting a spouse’s child!


powersuitPower Suit: The Armor of God Fit for the Feminine Frame

List Price: $16.00
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Take a totally new look at the armor of God. Power Suit redefines the masculine image of the armor for today’s woman who understands more about corporate executives and financial reports than about corporals and foxholes. Power Suit takes the armor from camouflage to pinstripe, and helps you identify and overcome spiritual battles that rage in your everyday life. Through this detailed study of Ephesians 6:10–20 you will discover the importance of the armor of God, recognize how righteous living protects your heart, learn to detect Satan’s tactics aimed at weakening your faith, realize the true meaning and power of grace, and learn to use the Word of God effectively.



milk-and-honeyLiving a Milk-and-Honey Life: Letting Go of What’s Holding You Back

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The Israelites didn’t enjoy being slaves in Egypt. They never stopped praying for deliverance or hoping their situation would change, but although they hated their condition they eventually became used to it. Over the years they adapted to the culture, learned to speak the language, and even developed a fondness for Egyptian food. But instead of simply adapting to their new situation, they adopted it–so much so that when God did deliver them it wasn’t long before they were crying to go back to Egypt–back to the things that had brought them comfort.Most of us can relate to the Israelites. At some point we have experienced ’Egyptian’ periods where we became slaves to stressful relationships, problems with children, financial struggles, or sin. And although we despised our bondage, we ended up retaining a fondness and craving for the very things that enslaved us–cravings that are opposite to the delights God has prepared for us. Like the Israelites, we crave leeks and onions even though we now live in a ’milk-and-honey’ land. No matter how hard we try, we’ll never be able to make leeks and onions blend with milk and honey.In Living a Milk-and-Honey Life, author Sharon Norris Elliott challenges us to come to grips with the leeks-and-onions issues in our lives. She helps us identify exactly where we are so that we can better understand how to get to the place God would have us go. Living a Milk-and-Honey Life will help you make the journey from bondage to deliverance and teach you to embrace God’s cravings so you can fully enjoy the goodness & sweetness of a milk-and-honey life. Living a Milk-and-Honey Life includes:Personal reflection questions. Inventory questions to help you determine where you are in life. Practical ideas & exercises for understanding and moving past the things that hold you back. Scriptural references & insightful anecdotes to illustrate concepts and more.


raising-boysRaising Boys to Be Like Jesus

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High-school teacher and mother of two boys of her own, the author exhorts parents and caregivers to choose Jesus as the ultimate male role model for their sons. Tracing the Gospel stories of Christ from infancy through ministry in Judea and Galilee and even to death and resurrection, each chapter identifies a lesson to be gleaned from Jesus’ life. Practical wisdom about facing temptation, exploring leadership, choosing friends, dealing with women, and handling money also yields spiritual insight for raising a young boy into a Christlike man.



teenagers-in-the-bibleWhat? Teenagers in the Bible?

List Price: $12.99
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Even though your teen years may be full of craziness and confusion, there’s one thing you can count on – God is not surprised by any of it. These years are not an accident, they’re an opportunity. You’re extraordinary in God’s eyes just as you are, and to prove that, He even included teens like you in His Book, the Bible. “What? Teenagers in the Bible?” recounts the stories of 14 kids who had some pretty crazy and confusing things happen in their lives too. Let these teens tell you about how they made it, kept their sanity in tact, and came out better and even closer to God. But watch out! Their stories will challenge you to look within yourself. You’ll identify with some stuff, but you may see some things you won’t like. Get ready to face the issues they faced. You’ll find out just how much you are like (or unlike) the Bible’s teens, and you’ll discover that God is interested in you – even while you are a teenager.