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Easy to plan,
Fun to attend,
Be empowered when you leave

Tuition – Only $199.00

AuthorizeMe is a writing seminar at which I teach you how to organize your book project, write a proposal, find a publisher, timeline your project, think like the editor, and much more. Each participant receives individual coaching on his/her project and leaves the seminar with a great kick-start on that project and a defined goal to get the project done.

AuthorizeMe Editing,

Coaching, and Consulting Service

For Editing

No writing project is finished until the editing work is done!Do you have a project that could use a professional edit? AuthorizeMe would be happy to discuss partnering with you. Don’t send your article, submit your book proposal, launch your website, or let anyone see your book manuscript before that piece is fine-tooth combed by this service.

For Coaching

Wondering what to do with your book ideas? Not sure how to brand yourself? Wanting clarity and direction concerning your writing and speaking? The AuthorizeMe Coaching Service offers a listening ear,  concrete advice, and prayer to help you along in your publishing and/or speaking journey.

For Consulting

If you’d just like general advice about the publishing industry and your possible place in it, AuthorizeMe would be happy to spend an hour or so in consultation with you.

For these services, please contact Sharon for details, prices, and time estimates at

LAUNCH Christian Writers’ Conference

Watch for plans forthcoming!