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Some of Sharon’s Popular Talks

DSC_5355 Power Suit: Get ready to experience the armor of God fit for the feminine frame.

A Woman God Can Bless: Take a hard look at yourself and leave this session better equipped to operate in the life God intends for you, knowing how to be the kind of woman God blesses. (Accompanying topics for a full retreat are “A Parent God Can Bless,” “A Leader God Can Bless,” and “A Teen God Can Bless”)

Raising Boys to Be Like Jesus: Using the principles Jesus lived out in His life, look to Jesus as the ultimate role model in parenting our sons.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses: Encouragement to usefulness for God form Exodus 3-4

Dead Flies: Alerting leaders to the pitfalls of not paying close attention to their repuation

Launch Out Into the Deep: How to launch out into your purpose.

Be A Godly Mother in An Ungodly Society: Ten essential characteristics of Godly mothers.

The Next Level: Evaluate where you are so you can move to where you should be.

True Evidence: What It Really Means to be Filled with the Spirit: This talk demystifies the definition of being filled with the Spirit and encourages you to get busy exhibiting the Spirit through your life.

How to Get An Answer from God: An eye-opening talk on effective prayer

There’s A Thief on the Loose: A new look at the evil of abortion.

Jesus’ Leadership Training Program: A study of how Jesus trained His disciples gives us insight into how God trains us to be His disciples today.

Living a Milk & Honey Life: How to let go of what’s holding you back and live the life God has intended for you to live.

I’ve Fallen, But I Can Get Up: The process of falling into sin and a plan of recovery to holiness.

Why Don’t the Lights Work? What hinders Christians from living as lights to the darkened world?

Sharon would be honored to deliver one or more of the messages listed above to your group. However, please keep in mind, she is willing and able to structure conference, retreat, or one-day even messages around your chosen theme.

Sharon is available to serve your organization by speaking at your upcoming conference, retreat, service, tea, etc.


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